On U.S. Navy boats, the senior rate was usually a third-class petty officer or above, and the two crewmen could be E-2, E-3 or E-4 ranks (i.e. They also saw use during Operation Just Cause in Panama as well as Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. The LCM-8 ("Mike Boat") is a river boat and mechanized landing craft used by the United States Navy and Army during the Vietnam War and subsequent operations. Mechanized Landing Craft (LCM) Description: The LCM-6 is intended primarily for the transport of cargo and/or personnel from ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore. They came to prominence during the Second World War when they were used to land troops or … (The "Mike Boat" term refers to the military phonetic alphabet, LCM being "Lima Charlie Mike".) All crew could handle the two 50 Caliber Machine gun turrets and other small arms and were frequently engaged by the Vietcong on the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta. Change 1 . They had the newer fluid shift transmissions, and 2-671's paired up to two props. US Army specifications call for a crew of six during 24-hour operations: two coxswains, two seamen and two enginemen. (4) Landing craft, mechanized (LCM). Lowering the ramp was accomplished by releasing the air and allowing gravity to bring the ramp down. The pumping mechanism would then be reversed to clear the water out of the voids, restoring the craft to the normal floating position. 1953 Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM-8) Higgins Built Twin screw Detroit "Twin Packs" 300HP each ( 6-71 NA x4 ) Yes four 6-71s, 2 Port and 2 Starboard = 600HP 80 NET Tons 74'L x 21'W x 4.5' Draft No Mar | Vehicles-Classifieds.com The LCM(6) is intended primarily for the transport of cargo and/or personnel from ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore. Articles needing clarification from February 2015, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, "The first Zippo boats were ATCs carrying an M132A1 flame-throwing armored personnel carrier. A fully functioning toilet (head) and shower are also installed as part of the wheelhouse extensions; external provision for bedding is also included for the full crew complement. Two dozen boats are planned that will be larger and faster, with a longer range and twice the capacity over Mike Boats. The LCM-8s there all had two sets of the twin 6-71 Detroits paired up to a hydro transmission. A modified version, the Zippo boat, carries flamethrowers. Landing craft, mechanized, diesel, design, LCM-8, MOD I (Rohr Model). Landing Craft Mechanized: 1/35fh: 73.95: TRP < Detergent Powder Formula Book, Teriyaki Experience Locations, How To Teach A Child To Swim Step By Step, Midnight Blue Color Code, Where To Buy Lime Mortar Mix, Smalley School Bound Brook, Nj, Beef And Tomato Macaroni, Ffxiv Server Time Uk, Where In Kansas Is Country Crock Butter Made, Inflatable Island Review,