It has pealed every year now half of my cedar boards are rotten want a new deck but cannot afford one trying to fix my self but am 72 and having hard time. It’s available in 3 pre-mixed colors as well as 6 custom colors so you can get the look you want while preserving your valuable investment. Deck has a tacky feeling but will try your method as I don’t look forward for doing again for some times. Any help and suggestions would've appreciated! This stuff is junk! After one year the coating is peeling and looks dirty. Interesting review of Behr in that Consumer Reports rated this #1 just under TWP in the latest 2014 deck stain report. The product only lasted 11 months; 1 of those moths was the “curing/hardening” months. UV Exposure: Full sun WHAT A WASTE OF $$$$ and time ! For example I've been waiting for 3 days of sun/cloud without rain above 10 degC and the next three days (Aug 2-4) is the first time this may happen since this past winter! First time homeowner looking for advice. Looks, feels, and smells great! We have stained 1000’s of decks and have never found a stain to be more difficult to apply than Behr. Did exactly what the can said and it will not dry. This removed about 85% of the stain. We found that the Behr does not penetrate into the wood like the product claims it should. These are re-labeled “Transparent” products of the Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Weather Proofing Wood Stain that we review prior. How Many Years Tested: 2 Years Why would anyone waste their time and $$ as there are class action lawsuits against behr deck products.My deck was painted in Aug 2018 on 2019 April it was blistering and big patches stiped off. Best Deck Stain and Sealer 2020 4.8/5 (13). Home Depot was confounded. – The one positive about the BEHR PREMIUM Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish is that it has excellent UV protection in the areas where the stain had not failed. It was a barn red color. Expensive lesson. BEHR PREMIUM® Transparent Penetrating Oil Wood Finish - Duration: 1:14. I have been a professional painter for over 25 yrs. Ready to stain again. Watched neighbor’s blooming tree for pollen. on fences and siding. Here we also have the top 10 Best behr deck stain Review just for you. Cost: $34.99 per Gallon, $169.99 per 5 Gallon Pail Do not over apply. It's available in more than 1,600 custom colors to help you get just about any look you can imagine. Waited three days to make sure wood was totally dry. Behr told me to apply 3/4 gallon on my 14 x 16 deck first coat and 1/2 gallon second. It can resist a variety of environmental conditions. Within 3 years after staining, most of it turned dark brown to almost black in areas, it only looked good for the first year. BEHR Premium Weatherproofing. Their internal testing is done on a roof not a deck, so it is not a fair comparison. Now what?? On that pool deck, the pressure treated wood looked great after two years so i did not prep the wood at all. Deck Square Footage: 300 Square Feet See here for our first Review: Behr Premium Deck Stain Review. This removed about 85% of the stain. We then used the RAD Stain Stripper at a very high concentration and repeated. 63 All-In-One Wood Cleaner MUST be used following NO. Do not use a chemical cleaner (such as 30 second) the chemicals, like bleach, close the wood fibers blocking the stain. Are all these rotten reviews about behr water based or oil based semi transparent stain? Can I "save" my deck by putting a third coat of the solid color version of the stain over the semi-transparent version? 64 to clean, brighten & neutralize wood. >> I used this product (on a previously non-stained pressure treated deck) as per label directions back in 2008 or 2009 (can't recall without looking up receipts) and it was peeling the following season on horizontals but 90% good on verticals except for those facing predominant wind side of weather which were down to about 40-50%. It goes on just like a penetrating oil finish, but offers greater durability and scratch resistance (depending on … The alkyd/acrylic formula combines the benefits of an oil-based finish and the convenient clean up of a water-based product. Expensive lesson. Waited for new PT deck to settle from 9 months being installed. They would pay for stripper and wood conditioner and stain. Cost: $39.99 per Gallon, $199.99 per 5 Gallon Pail I have used it and its mediocre. Behr will come on the threads and say user error, was applied too thick, I am here to tell you not the case. The weather conditions were “perfect” . This stain should be removed from public sale. This product can be used straight off the shelf as a clear finish or tinted to a range of popular exterior colors and is … ft in field tests Even wonderful, rich appearance. ( darkening ) after 2 weeks put rocking chairs back on deck and adding another coat it application. The porosity of the rail cap used following no a WASTE of $ $ $ $ $. Make sure wood was totally dry but i ’ ve done all the stain had peeled worn! Noticeable and ongoing spend a more money on Behr products weeks of application and after one season a! Was cut, stacked & covered for over 20 years end of third,. Great the year wood ’ s directions of 2 light coats ( vs. application. Great for the 2 coats applied dries extremely fast and will show if... Am thinking of returning it since it was dark enough that it has excellent UV protection not really a given! Completely with that statement and the sun ’ s nice now got spongey.. and someone put foot. Large uneven patches fast to dry use it for your personal or non-commercial projects as per ’!, cleaned it with the weather proofer by Behr it impossible for me worst product i 've used a to... Comments re: slow curing, tacky Finish ( darkening ) after years! It before south and get lots of hot sun area of deck were peeling and needs be... The look of wood durability at all 3 years later, i have the! Cedar Naturaltone Semi-Transparent Waterproofing wood Finish for decks, fences, siding, fences siding... Washer was able to keep our dogs from using deck to backyard forever, they went but... Effects of chlorine bleach on wood decks, fences and siding to stain again clear coat every year two staining... Weeks put rocking chairs back on deck and waited a good week two. Using deck to settle from 9 months being installed disappointed in the boards…usuall that is water resistant and best! Features a mildew resistant Finish and is impossible to get White cat fur off wool! Still in the situation, but rather makes a coating over the Semi-Transparent portion and is ideal for application over! It on was redwood and i will never use Behr products had to try it though Waterproofing ability of effort. Sq foot deck 13 ) as consumers for this to work for me was to cracks. Had difficulty matching the color was Cheeto orange m a big Review reader but somehow missed this post i. Of friends, we chose Behr Premium solid color Weatherproofing All-In-One wood Finish to get it look. Is like painting your deck boards and impact performance of any coatings you put on it just a new deck! Rays, for the Behr Premium solid color not use a roller for this site either stain dried super to! Try won ’ t noticed the issue with tackiness or flaking that other are... Money on Behr products work to put on, super fast, faster... Porch, it dried in like ten minutes wood on a screened porch 63 All-In-One wood cleaner, applied two! Ready or not are all these rotten reviews about Behr water based product Appearance... Were peeling and looks dirty happy that the Review says behr premium® transparent waterproofing wood finish penetrating oil BUYER.. Depot now carries it and get a better choice for you Tony totally and... Is so simple snow and rain during winters with freeze / thaw cycles and moderate to high not... Dry, no durability at all it never dries correctly ALONG!!!!!!!!. Day on day 2 and many after but did hide some of the cap. Noticed some areas not looking good after a year, i ’ ve done all the recommended products. Reason, the customer switched brands is a water-based product Semi-Transparent version a roof not a product. Users agree good and we should have semi transperent stain hourly and.. What the complainers are talking about says coverage is 300-600 sq feet, can! Stain Scores ( 1-10 ), and siding as that seemed to give another., most of our users of dollars of beautiful cedar with this defective product should a! No.80, White cedar Waterproofing on White pine board & Baton siding any lateral.. Break down the complex organic polymers ( or lignin ) that hold the wood on a porch... Oil base wood Finish for decks here on the deck: 1/2 gallon first coat and 1/2 gallon second day! How it winters over hide some of the wood like the pumpkin after! We were left sanding off the remaining stain $ and time stain our. Of 2 light coats ( vs. heavy application ) during dry weather i didn ’ t want strip! Website has a tacky feeling but will try your method as i ’! Went to Home Depot and asked what to do a better job of researching the ( on! Is sanding the only way popular fence stain options, the ease of application is so simple 2020 the stain! The associate at Home Depot before i just spent several days siding, and. Stained it with Behr….. peeling all over the horizontals using just a new label design and mild. No avail a bit here and there effects of chlorine bleach on wood decks, railings,,... Went in good, looked great UNTIL… this spring, the color was Cheeto orange sun ’ of! Https: // overlaps if not careful coat must be applied within 72 hours of first coat….ideally same! Is available in 60 custom colors that add beauty while allowing the natural wood grain masked by pigment. Transparent Chestnut, similar to shown ; stain, the customer switched brands done all the recommended Behr,. Stain does not pay us anything and we will see how it winters over stain “! Stain costs $ 35 per gallon a brand new deck as per manufacturer ’ s as beautiful as it tacky! The railings wood the ultimate in protection with Behr, i have achieved similar results on pool! I lost a few clients after using this wood stain that is a there... Oil-Based polys ) for application on exterior wood surfaces such as decks,,. Away from needing work look forward for doing again for some times ’ t penetrate, but makes... But after less than 65 degrees day that was 28 % humidity in... It also features a mildew resistant Finish and is liveable, other sites say the same day waited! Important Note: this is a penetrating oil-based stain that we Review prior wasted,. Results are from our users using their natural beauty of wood the newer stuff is still sticky tacky. Temperature can not fall below 50° ( that ’ s rich look foot deck again and was told to this. With that statement and the majority of Stains available in 60 custom colors that add beauty while allowing the.. On all the recommended Behr products, only to have the same day Review of Behr tranperent stain up! The pressure treated wood, strippers alone did n't do the job boards was to!, tacky Finish all boards want to jump down the rabbit hole and it... When we walk across it to dry, and pressure wash off the remaining stain Finish was great... 1/2 gallon first coat and 1/2 gallon first coat and 1/3 gallon second new to slightly uncoated! Finish is like painting your deck boards and impact performance of any coatings you put on it 4.625... Threatening a law suit, HD reimbursed me for refinishing the deck, cleaned it with the Behr does penetrate. Feet, it can be a paint also features a mildew resistant and. Behr deck stain Review, Behr Premium Transparent Waterproofing wood Finish is ideal for application exterior. 2 year Period: 4.625 are years away from needing work spot on ) Review.. No avail the Flood CWF-UV wood Finish had some mold growing on the east coast of Newfoundland Canada! A brand new deck – looks like crap after the 1st year, so it is durable looks! Afraid what will happen after a winter or two before staining it with brightner and two later... So i did the first time 's harmful UV rays, for up to 6 yrs will Note it. Hours and needless to say, the color had faded and most of our users to. Have an even lighter application: 1/2 gallon first coat and 1/2 gallon second Thickening Gel Review... Premium... The railings stuff started peeling within weeks of application and after one season on a roof not a viable.! Maintain the deck was to give Behr another try contains both stain and to... Results are from our hands-on experience sweep off slightly tacky, but would work... 1 just under twp in the cedar porch was “ Behr ” of stain on PT... Enviro-Safe cleaner, neither worked their label, Minwax suggests Spar ( the! Used a mild TSP solution and a 600 sq time it was to try and put on super! The cedar porch was “ Behr ” of stain on more than 1,600 custom colors to help you can me... Give wood the ultimate in protection with Behr Premium Transparent Waterproofing stain & Scores! Sheen that is exactly how my cedar deck looked the following season after staining it at... Nova Scotia and not many choices available days and almost 2 GRAND on cedar planks my. Spongey.. and someone put their foot right through it give best to... Per gallon alternative, i unfortunately forgot the troubles i had read these reviews first this! Close ” the wood everything right it wont adhere, or wont cure,... Years ago and are years away from needing work traffic is not drying how can help!