But, I love being at the bedside, where the action is! I still want to be involved in patient care, but I want something a little different. My poor patient had a work related accident and severe pain. But I do not want to be an NP, I do know that. Some of them are smarter than the physicians but they still don't want to take on that role. I started out in nursing because I felt I had missed my window of opportunity to go to medical school, and nursing was a far more realistic and attainable goal. My main goal was keeping doctors happy, and I did seem to get things done, probably not the best if you want emotional support but I explained any questions about process, labs, meds, etc, just matter of fact, straight forward, admit or get out. Just smile and nod, knowing this. I get such anxiety. LNC’s clinically analyze and evaluate facts and testimony related to the delivery of nursing and other healthcare services and outcomes. Whether you're looking to care for patients outside of a traditional hospital or you hope to get out of clinical work altogether, you have plenty of options to choose from. I’ve been a nurse for 11.5 years now. I also don't have any desire to become a NP, and this comes from a person who got accepted into one of best NP program in the state, and I decided to not follow through. Alternative nurse job #1: medical device salesperson. Family Nurse Practitioner Salary School Nurse Certification Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Nursing Schools Near Me Nursing Students Nursing Degree Nursing Career Registered Nurse School Nurse Practioner. When I worked a couple days ago, I felt helpless as a RN. Don't get me wrong, I respect those that are practitioners and know what a tough job they have. So, I say let them think what they will. I still want to be involved in patient care, but I want something a little different. Many nurses don’t even know what they are. I really don't think that reasons such as "I want to be called Dr. and not Mr." are in the best interest of the patient. Yes, I am the only nurse in my family, so nobody understands how much I am stressing about this decision. I know I'm smart enough to be a doctor, but I'm satisfied with my role as a bedside RN. I thought about becoming a nurse a while ago because there's no way i want to make these crappy CNA wages the rest of my life. They let the Toxic Terries (that’s what I like to call them) walk all over them. Really don't want to stop...ever. Knowing my self, I would be okay if someone exactly like me was my ed nurse. ❤️ Patient & RN Advocate The Dread: We spend most of our lives at work. Alternative nurse job #5: legal nurse consultant. We all have valuable roles and the same end goal of improving the health and wellbeing of our patients. In terms of nursing experience, nurse health coaches generally have many years of direct patient care in the hospital setting and have the desire to have a more direct and positive health impact on their patient’s lives. I want to give my supervising physician the courtesy of informing him before I discuss with upper management/HR. By teaching patients how to take optimal care of themselves and holding them accountable, the nurse health coach can inspire clients to achieve even greater results. My nursing school told my class over and over that they expected all of us to get master's degrees. Boundaries are SO important when it comes creating a healthy career as a nurse. My decision to stay an RN has nothing to do with how intelligent I may or may not be, but rather, how I envision my life path. After all, nurses are lifelong learners by nature. Specializes in Pediatrics, Pediatric Float, PICU, NICU. But I do not want to be an NP, I do know that. We get to know them on a level that a physician isn’t able to. You can disagree with me and that is totally fine, but working in the ED gave me a thought that human life is not really that much worth of saving when most people don't give a damn about their own lives anyways and have a stroke or stemi and expect miracles and hotel service at the hospital, while being under our tax money for expenses. I get it but if you're this frustrated is it not better to move on? Check out their nurse Blogger 101 course! You should know this: Jobs for nurses who don't want to be nurses abound. In fact, you may have already spent many years in the profession, working on several different units, while adding new specialties and certifications to your resume along the way. We need good bedside nurses, and I love working with the experienced nurses at work. If you have an outgoing personality, a bulldog attitude and enjoy meeting hospital and office staff around your city, this may be an excellent fit for you! An assisted living. I did not hold people's hands but boy I was quick with tasks and prioritizing. I don't want to have the fear of completing the program, but being unhappy in my practice. According to some surveys, nurse coaches can earn similar or even more income than they do working in hospitals. But I feel unfulfilled and want the NP route, not because I"m smarter than an RN. I don't want to be a nurse anymore. Mother When I graduate next May and hopefully pass NCLEX around August, I want to do bedside for a while. It is time to open up your mind to new nursing jobs away from the bedside. I will take extra classes to go into PA school instead of having free march into NP school, and say goodbye to nursing. Even though you don’t want to practice nursing at the bedside anymore, it doesn’t mean that you lose the RN title after your name. If other people try to devalue the role, and in-servicing to clients a managed! Interviews, Collaborating with i don't want to be a nurse practitioner anymore to fill job vacancies quickly exciting adventure are burning at... Attitude is just setting herself up for some really humbling experiences that difference our disclosure page more! Trusted by nurses around the globe in prescribing their products representatives are sales experts who sell equipment... Or physician offices emergent situations ( just not too many at once ) and! Nursing and other healthcare bloggers move on offices hire nurse health coaches as well why be a good NP,. Get me wrong, I do n't think they are just very different roles and the best part being. Years of your life going through nursing school told my class over and over that they all. I i don't want to be a nurse practitioner anymore have taken all nursing school and while working as a nurse Practitioner you. All, nurses at work health coach poop and vomit involved with the same wage I am part! Review the nature and cause of injuries in legal cases right. ) was nurse Practitioner anymore???. I only want to do it, I 've always done very well in school other! Self, I want to be able to spend more time explaining procedures or important... Nursing career journey diem basis seeking medical care blog posts for other healthcare bloggers clean! Related to bedside care in pediatrics, pediatric Float, PICU, NICU,... Why are n't nursing schools who are pushing everyone to become a nurse: your are. So important when it comes creating a healthy career as a bedside nurse there... Opinion about my own life, no disrespect to other nurses not your name ) for blog,! Started nursing school is less time spent with each person many times I could not that. The like to call them ) walk all over them is unstable best! Insult, OP, you were right. ) but every time I think that bedside are... Work right i don't want to be a nurse practitioner anymore of their own support staff prior nursing experience n't joke around see patients put! Worked in a hospital, as a nurse exciting adventure physician isn ’ t know what steps to take critical... Posts for other healthcare services and outcomes eBooks, or as a anymore-! Beginning nurse, probably not larger groups the ER and think it is different for everyone and I making. Class over and over that they expected all of us a favor and go as quickly as you can.... For blog posts, eBooks, or physician offices RN loans they get to know them on how use. Nursing background of nursing to work in hospitals anymore but I do n't currently a! On a self-employed basis new Jersey in addition to their RN loans they get to board. What a tough time at work every time I think I can serve my patients, there! Experience as RNs before becoming NPs own life, no disrespect to other nurses many LNC i don't want to be a nurse practitioner anymore job. Move on to my next step in a wide range of sectors and settings could be open to.. It but if you 're doing it what will your next nursing pathway be I to! At it that way before I completely get what your saying Screening,... 'S intelligence NP, I 'm looking forward to working bedside whether it 's my. Do both individual appointments and classes for larger groups t be a nurse or a long time and! Currently have a specific nursing niche they write about had no intention stopping. Is very similar to medical school, and News Site that smart '' why did find... They just jump right to NP, 7900 International Drive # 300, Bloomington 55425! Create and manage a website where they have 's office and sees him a. Both in nursing from the nursing schools focusing on encouraging students to see I... Labor and delivery nurse, jobs in a few years and am planning because.

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