Plant it in a location that gets at least four hours of sun per day and has some protection from strong winds. Because it blooms before the foliage has fully emerged, you get a showy display of rose-colored, fragrant flowers in the early spring.  'Variegated Gem' is a complacted hybrid, in which a cross between R. 'Boudoir' and  R. 'Aladdin' was bread with a cross between R. 'Boudoir' and R. 'Corporal'. "Gumpo White" (Azalea '"Gumpo White") produces white flowers with occasional red flecks, and "Gumpo Pink" (Azalea "Gumpo Pink") bears pale pink blooms. This hardy shrub will grace your garden with bright pink spring flowers, white-edged summer foliage, and red leaves in the fall. Lighter colors look best against a darker background while darker colors look best against a light back ground or out in the open. Varieties: Our Favorites. Low-growing varieties act as ground covers protecting the soil from erosion. Or view a list of online retailers that ship Encore Azaleas to … Today, azaleas bloom for up to six weeks and there are more than 150 azalea varieties. The shrub grows slowly, topping out at around 6 feet. University of Missouri Extension. Plant it in a location that’s sheltered from winds, … White is one of the most important colors we can use in the landscape, and the Encore series of azaleas offers you four glistening choices: Autumn Angel®, Autumn Ivory®, Autumn Lily® and Autumn Moonlight®. "Alaska" azalea grows well under trees, where it can take advantage of the filtered sunlight. “Pleasant White” azalea (Rhododendron “Pleasant White”) takes seven years to reach 24 to 30 inches tall and wide in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 8. Another good ground cover option is the early summer flowering Flame Creeper. The foliage remains deep green through the winter. The shrub has a slow growth rate and typically doesn’t require much pruning. So what are the best white flowering azaleas for the garden? In mid-late Spring, ' Here is a listing of all the white flowering Azalea varieties we offer for sale and ship to your front door. White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut. Mountain azaleas are pink and they survive between USDA zones 6 and 9. For example the Sweet Azalea is a white flowering plant that can reach up to 20 ft in height. Each cluster contains around 12 to 15 slightly frilled flowers that open from raspberry pink buds. For the most part, azaleas bloom earlier than rhododendrons. Extensive hybridization means that new varieties appear every year, including many that are now suitable for northern climates. Because azaleas have been selectively bred for centuries, there are thousands of cultivars, derived from hundreds of species found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Coral Bells Azalea. Collector’s items Name. Where to Buy. In addition, there is a wide selection of deciduous and native azaleas such as Austrinum, Chop Tank, Periclymenoides, Great Balls of Fire, Lemon Drop and some fragrant varieties. There are 7 varieties of azaleas in the ‘White Group’ that grow well in Europe and North America. If you need to prune to shape the plant or remove dead portions, do so right after it’s done flowering. Since 1950 we have been providing a wide range of perennials, annuals, bulbs, shrubs, vines, amaryllis, gardening tools & supplies, and gifts for gardeners. You’ll find these azalea varieties at most retailers. Most varieties are even fragrant! R-arborescens distribution map. Choose the best variety for size and location. Most people know rhododendrons as big, leathery-leafed shrubs with rounded clusters ("trusses") of stunning white, pink, red, or purple blossoms. The upright growth habit of 'Fireball' will ensure that its showy red blossoms won’t get lost among your other spring flowers. This variety has a moderate growth rate but typically needs little pruning.
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