Sea Moss contains 92 of them which is pretty darn amazing in itself. They supply energy to the body, regulate digestion, and detoxify the body. They also come in several colors like green, brown, red, purple, gold and sometimes a combination of them as well. It … I haven’t been fortunate enough to see any evidence of an analysis substantiating the complete list of the 92 minerals in Sea Moss. Mood Enhancement; Sea Moss Benefits would not be so wide spread if it wasn’t for its high essential mineral content. Aids In Quick Digestion. Sea moss even prevents cold & flu symptoms – and can aid with sore throat, chest coughs, and pneumonia. Chondrus Crispus grows on what are typically rocky coastlines in cooler waters like those in the Northern Hemisphere around the areas of the Northern Atlantic. What makes eating sea moss a good way to support thyroid health is its high iodine content, a mineral that stimulates the production of thyroid hormones. Sea moss helps in halting the accumulation of protein in the brain, which is known to cause Parkinson’s disease. I’ve heard that the Jamaicans prefer to go about re-hydrating their seaweed by boiling it until it becomes soft and it takes on an almost gelatinous consistency. Sea moss contains major minerals like magnesium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, calcium, iron, selenium and less amount of sodium. The recent sea moss boom certainly suggests that the algae works for at least some health issues. BUT on the plus side by regularly adding sea moss into your diet you can alleviate many of these problems. With (the yet to be 100% confirmed) 92 minerals, Irish Sea Moss is one of the most complex and nutritious foods available. These minerals include zinc, iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, B-complex vitamins, sodium, sulfur, silicon, and iron. This is by no means a complete list of the full 92 minerals understood to be found in sea moss. The size is typically indicative of the time of the moisture content after the drying process has been completed. Speaking from a more general basis to include all the species we have introduced you to here, sea moss comes in various shapes, colors, and sizes. You may already know of Irish Sea Moss by a different name. Carrageenan is commonly used as a food additive for its binding, thickening and stabiliz… It can be that easy. Vitamins in Irish Moss Tip: To maximize the thyroid function-boosting effects of sea moss, try taking Thyroid Support System by Dr. Sea moss contains citrulline-arginine, which are two amino acids our body needs to produce protein and, most importantly, collagen—the substance responsible for shiny hair and youthful skin. Iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism, and hypothyroidism may impair fertility. Sea Moss, or Irish Sea Moss Gels combined with Organic Bladderwrack or Burdock Root for added minerals, or flavored with Organic berries. Irish Sea Moss nutrition far exceeds that of any other plant or animal based food that I know of. Sea moss, also known as Irish moss, is a red seaweed with the scientific name Chondrus crispus. I normally find myself including a big spoon or two of sea moss to deserts, smoothies, tea and coffee, and as a thickener in soups and gravy. It’s an all round winner in the Superfood category. In addition to being consumed historically in places like the Caribbean and Ireland, sea moss has been used medicinally in other cultures for decades, to treat conditions ranging from coughs and infections to low libido. Many people are lacking in iron, and are not aware that a deficiency in iron can seriously affect health and wellness. A lack of it leads to anxiety, irritability, and depression. Radiation Impacts on Edible Seaweed Types, The destruction of cells through premature oxidization and oxidative stress. Potential Benefits of Sea Moss. Sea moss is a type of algae, which has been part of the human diet for thousands of years. Irish Sea Moss is the seaweed that was used a lot during the Irish Potato Famine. What you tend to find for sale are variations on the dried version of these types of seaweed. Organic Selenium is believed to provide support to the body and prevent a range of complications including: Laminarin is a beta-glucan that is found in brown species of seaweeds and algae. It plays a key role in medicinal and medical research circles as it has been found to possess the following properties: Laminarin is created via photosynthesis and is needed as a part of the life cycle of many microorganisms. Sea/Irish moss contains major minerals like magnesium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, calcium, iron, selenium and less amount of sodium. Personally, I turn the sea moss into a gel after allowing it to soak in water for about 48 hours. As you can see, the benefits of sea moss are bountiful and an essential in everyone’s diet, despite age. This is a short list of the various elements, chemicals, trace minerals, and vitamins typically found in sea moss: Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these that are not frequently looked at. Great article, thanks. This is a very lengthy and costly process, so I expect that we will be working towards this goal for a while. While our body does need trace minerals and elements, its build-up can lead to a ton of issues, including mental health diseases like Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Diseases, and more. Because of its high mineral content, especially potassium, sea moss helps our body to maintain healthy mental and emotional health. Iron is the corner stone nutrient of the African Bio-mineral Balance as a healing modality and way of life. We have recently updated our website and the shop is now open. Sea moss moisturizers, creams, masks, and lotions are all popular. However, for all of the claims that are made about Sea Moss containing the 92 minerals, we have yet to complete the full scope of analysis on our Sea Moss, or find anyone who has undertaken this to substantiate the popularly held belief. They can be prepared in such a way that they hold their natural color, or they can be bleached to appear much lighter. Needless to say that Irish Sea Moss is a good source of vitamins and organified minerals. (That being said, iodine deficiency … The seaweed provides all the minerals and nutrients that the body needs to stay vibrant and energized. Because Potassium can't be … Here is the link to Buy Sea Moss online. So don’t assume that you’re going to be getting specific health benefits when you consume processed foods containing Carrageenan. There are so many minerals which are beneficial to the body.
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