So...if you free the ghost of the king, it is implied that he will somehow return to assist in your struggle against Nyrissa. What is this even based on? Pathfinder: Kingmaker. In fact, it’ll start automatically the next time you visit your throne room after completing the aforementioned quest. The DLCs only add to this sprawling … ... Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Cursed King Walkthrough. When the magistrate comes, accuse the magistrate of setting this up. Pathfinder Kingmaker has been updated to the Definitive Edition on PC and simultaneously released for consoles. Hey guys...I've got a question about the First Crown and consequences: spoiler. Return to Oleg’s part 2: Give the items to Bokken, obtain Amiri’s first quest, inform Kesten of what happened in Old Sycamore. I have many ideas on how we can strengthen our alliance: from the new trade agreements to creating common rules for border crossing.” to enforce your neutrality, and finally respond with “Our alliance is just a formality, fixed on a piece of paper. Return to the area and you’ll find it infested with trolls, make your way to Bart’s laboratory to find him being attacked by four of them - now you must keep him alive throughout this battle, if not, keep reloading until you do - he’ll give you a quest called “Guiding Beacon”, which is required to later recruit him as an advisor. Just agree with her and make the story about the truth rather than cover up and protect the academy, Councilor: Tristian or Tsanna (but favor the merchants, NOT the commonfolk). This also starts the companion quest A Bard’s Calling, provided you completed Turncoats earlier. … There’s not much of a transition this time, as you’ll be right where you left off after your speech. Make a moral choice regarding the crown that’ll soon be decorating your royal brow, after which Jamandi/Shandra will get around to business. Inside the guide: Walkthough for the main … 2: After a while, Kesten will come to you at your throne room and inform you of some trouble at the Mage’s House - that is, Bart’s. First off, players should know that Kingmaker follows the Pathfinder pen and paper RPG rules pretty much to the letter, or at least as much as a computer game could. Last Update: 20 May 2020. Your progress in the quest Betrayer’s Flight is unimportant for this quest’s progression. Don’t tell anyone your name, ever; Perform Libation when first meeting with Dugath (pour out the first drink to the ground); don’t invite the sister for the feast; kill every sister you find throughout the act; convince the Barbarians in the City of Hollow Eyes the Sister send them in to their deaths (after telling them you killed her); heal the blinded barbarian in the doors dungeon, and also kill the sister at the end; spare Dugath. Pathfinder: Kingmaker takes place in Golarion, a "world rich in history, mystery, and conflict". Make this momentous decision, then deal with any other throne room events that may be outstanding. It seems like it requires good alignment to get a chance at the persuasion check to spare Kressle at Thorn Ford, don’t allow him to possess Varn (vordokai) i asume that is refered to Tristan? For Linzi's final companion quest, which is the answer to "seek the truth", exactly? Pathfinder: Kingmaker ... you can talk to Kressle and convince her to abandon the Stag Lord (189 exp, 45 exp). Return to the tavern to receive your reward from Tig’s mother, and then back to waiting/doing sidequests until you trigger. Travel through the land completing questions while collecting items and resources. Overgrown Pool: Don’t kill anyone, either promise the Nixie you’ll return with the feather tokens (so you’ll have to return to the area later, after obtaining them in the Swamp Witch’s Hut), or persuade the woodsmen to bring them to her, which will still net you the best ending. Everything here depends on whether or not and how you completed your companions’ quests. Whatever it is, Linzi sure seems excited by it, and she promises that all Pitaxian high society will be there. After a while you’ll get a letter from Irovetti, King of Pitax, who has invited you to the Rushlight tournament. Banquet: Speak to all the guests, DON’T take the mayor’s offer for resources, take Kassil as your envoy (Lander and Shandra are bad). Explore and conquer the Stolen Lands and make them your kingdom! Thanks for your time and fantastic work. The recent release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker saw the well-loved tabletop game makes its debut leap into the video game realm. Do you mean the Ancient Tomb where you go to chase after the other team? Swamp Witch’s Hut: First order of the day here is to go to the Northeast section and speak to Tyressia and offer to kill the Scythe Tree for her; there’s also a passage a little ways southeast of her which will lead to a hidden area with a +2 agile dueling sword; in the west section, there’s a zombie by the name “Dorsy”, exhaust his dialogue options, but don’t kill him; on the southern section, there’s an island you can get to through mobility - don’t go there yet, you need an item to get the optimal resolution here, instead interact with the well to the east and open it, kill the wisps, and collect the three coins; further east you’ll meet a ghost who’ll explain what happened to the village, as well as what to do with those coins - don’t use them yet, instead go back to Dorsy and hear what he has to say, then return to the ghost and place the coins on the altar - lastly, return to Dorsy and give him closure; finally, go to the southeast section of the area and kill the Scythe Tree boss, collecting lots of herbs along the way (the entire Witch’s hut area is filled with them, you need them in order to interact with Elga); now go to the mobility-island we found earlier in the southwest area and interact with the corpse, placing the scythe-three’s ring on her finger, then interact with the gate on the hut, speak with the Old Beldame, give her the herbs you’ve been gathering until now, and exhaust her dialogue options to find out her real name as well as what happened to the village; return to Tyressia, inform her of the Scythe-Tree’s demise and of Elga’s return, to which she’ll give you a letter to deliver to Elga - do so and you’ll have triggered the requirements for this area’s best ending. 27.2k members in the Pathfinder_Kingmaker community. (Sparing Kressle may require good alignment. Let’s not bother each other, and mind our own business.” to distance yourself from your powerful northern neighbors. Uploaded: 15 May 2020 . The First Crown To assemble the crown you'll need to find all its pieces. Most exp? Tristian (MAKE SURE TO BRING JAETHAL TO HIS LAST QUEST): Don’t seek out the fleeing cultists in the first quest; recruit him back in Nyrissa’s Chambers; Convince him to stay mortal in his last quest (allowing him to become a deva again will trigger his bad ending as well as make him kill Jaethal regardless of whether you’ve redeemed her or not). Summary: Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first single-player isometric CRPG set in the world of a top-selling D&D type role-playing game by Paizo. At Pitax, don’t go near the gate. So I've been trying to find the "optimal choices" for the end of War of the River Kings where you do all the choices in the throne room, but no one seems to have a complete list, only mentioning three out of the six options. Each choice impacts how your created character develops. Question Linzi about the nature of the tournament, Pitax and Irovetti and a variety of other topics. The only way to do so is to convince Kesten to go back to the capital at the end of the goblin camp, which requires a lawful alignment. That is the same as pressing 1, 4, 5. At some point here Harrim will come to you to give you his first personal quest, which can’t be completed until you get to the troll fort, so hold onto that for now. Feel free to explore the outside of the village, but there isn’t much of value here, once you get inside, use the persuasion options on the chieftain in order to allow you to visit the house in which Tig is held hostage, but do not go there yet, instead go to the house to the left of the chieftain’s house and heal the broodmaster inside after exhausting his dialogue options, back outside, speak to the master of the monitor lizards and assure him you’re there to help, and then when speaking to the farmers near the garden, take the chaotic good option.
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